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What’s a guest Wi-Fi network and how to set up

Frequent sharing of home WiFi with others maybe lead to network risks. Using a guest network can avoid the risk.
Guest WiFi


Has your household Wi-Fi been shared before? If your household Wi-Fi has never been connected by others, then you can skip it. If yes, then the following contents will be very helpful to you.

In our daily life, we occasionally invite friends to our homes for parties or afternoon tea. In the Internet era, the most frequently asked question is "What is your Wi-Fi password?" A hospitable host may not realize that sharing household Wi-Fi with others may lead to network security issues.

Sharing Wi-Fi may be a Network Risk

In reality, others may accidentally download a malicious app on their phones or PCs with your Wi-Fi(Hundreds of malicious apps are showing up on the Google Play Store). Many malicious apps or network viruses can spread via local network. Therefore, when the virus-infected device is connected to the Wi-Fi, all devices connected to this Wi-Fi will be infected too, which is similar to the security issues of public Wi-Fi.

What is a Guest Network?

Guest WiFi Network

The guest Wi-Fi network provides an Internet access independent of the user's main device connection, which can be viewed as clone network. Household Wi-Fi represents the original one, while the guest Wi-Fi is the clone one. Users can create an independent Wi-Fi through the guest Wi-Fi which has an independent name and password.

Is Guest Wi-Fi Safe?

Guest Wi-Fi is the safest way for visitors to access the Internet through your existing network, which works like a firewall. Even if the clone network is infected by a virus, your original network will not be affected at all. Users can set up valid time for guest network and shut it down at any time.

How to set up Guest Wi-Fi

Most advanced routers have guest network functions. Let’s take Meshforce mesh routers as an example:

  • Downloading My Mesh App of Meshforce, and then entering the account password and log in
  • Selecting Settings and clicking the Guest Network
  • Opening the Guest Network
  • Setting the network name and password, and selecting the valid time of the Guest Network

IoT Device Connection

It is very easy to set up the guest network function of Meshforce, which comes with other functions. If users have home smart appliances, and they can also connect these devices to the guest network, which is a simple-yet-effective way to protect the household network. The guest network is a simple and practical, which is worthy of your attention.